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Medical Practitioners List

Hospitals, Physicians, Dentists and Other Medical Service Providers

(updated December 2011)

Please Be Advised that the U.S. Embassy in San Jose, Costa Rica assumes no responsibility or liability for the professional ability or reputation of, or the quality of services provided by, the following persons or medical service providers. Inclusion on the list is in no way an endorsement by the Department of State or the U.S. Embassy. Names are listed alphabetically by specialty, and the order in which names appear has no other significance. This list includes only a small selection of the many practitioners available in Costa Rica. Many of the practitioners included in this list speak English and/or have had training in the United States.


Private Hospitals

CIMA San Jose: Tel: 2208-1000. Location: 500 m. West of the tollbooths on the highway to Santa Ana (Prospero Fernández Free way). This is a private hospital has 86 private rooms and 14 private suites. The hospital is equipped to handle medical, surgical and maternity cases. It has a 24-hour emergency room as well as laboratory, X-ray services, and pharmacy. They accept several U.S. health insurance plans.

Clinica Biblica: Tel: 2257-5252. Location: Calle 1, Ave. 14. This is a private, non-profit hospital, which is equipped to handle medical, surgical, pediatric and maternity cases. There are 65 beds all in private rooms (8 intensive care, 24 hr. specialist present). The clinic has a 24-hour emergency room with emergency specialist and surgeon present, as well as laboratory, pharmacy and X-ray services. They also have CAT scan and MRI, hemodialysis with bicarbonate filter, and blood bank in the installations. They accept several U. S. health insurance plans.

Public Hospitals

San Juan De Dios Hospital: Calle 14, Av. Central – Telephone: 2257-6282
This is a 680 bed hospital, which is managed by the Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social. The surgical theaters, cardiac care unit and the intensive care unit are well equipped. The different sections within the hospital are known as Pensiones and the Pensiones Echandi. This is also the only hospital in Costa Rica with an adult burn unit.

Mexico Hospital: (this hospital should only be utilized in the cases of a life threatening emergency) Barrio La Uruca in front of the Autopista to the Airport. Telephone: 2232-6122. Managed by the Costa Rican Social Security System, the hospital has 633 beds. It has many well trained physicians, however, it is crowded and there are equipment shortages.

Hospital Nacional De Ninos: Calle 14, Av. Central. Telephone: 2222-0122
This is a 250 bed hospital for children operating under the Costa Rican Social Security System. It has private rooms with baths, telephones and space for an extra bed in each room. The equipment operating rooms, and its pediatric specialists are the best in Central America. Only children under the age of 12 should be brought to this facility for life-threatening types of emergencies.

Hospital Calderon Guardia: C 15 y 17, Av. 9-11 Telephone: 2257-7922
Intensive Care Unit: 2223-8963. This is a 622 bed hospital, which is managed by the Costa Rican Social Security System. The surgical theaters, cardiac care unit and the intensive care unit are well equipped. This hospital should only be utilized in the case of a life-threatening emergency.



Dr. Olman Riggioni
Heredia, Calle 1, Ave. 8-10 Office: 2238-0806
Fax: 2262-1704


Dr. Mauricio Vargas (Cardiology and Cardiovascular surgery)
Hospital CIMA San Jose Office: 2208-1505 
Cel: 8382-3025 

Dr. Alfredo Brilla Salazar
Edificio Kris, from the National Theater, 325 mts. South,
Office: 2222-3545
Calle 3, Ave. 8-10. 

Dr. Alfonso Obon Arellano
Clínica Burstin, 4th floor, Office: 2233-5435 or 
Av. 14 between Calle Central and 1st. 2258-2226 
Cima San Jose Hospital Office Office: 2208-1318 
Beeper: 2225-2500

Dr. Mario Speranza Sanchez, Coronary Unit
Clínica Biblica Calle 1, Ave. 14 

Dr. Jorge Alfaro Monge
CIMA San Jose Hospital Office: 2208-1317
3er Floor, Office #17

Dra. Vivien Araya (Cardiology and Electrophysiology)
Office: 2221-2921 Centro Cardiológico Integral
Cell: 8990-0830
Front of Farmacia Clinica Bíblica, 5th floor

Cardiology, Pediatric

Dr. Carlos Mas 
CIMA Hospital Office Office: 2208-1614
6th Floor, Office #14


Dr. Orlando Jaramillo (Dermatologist & Allergist)
Office: 2222-6845
Clínica de Especialistas, Calle 1 Av. 6-8
Home: 2271-3368
Fax: 2221-6834 

Dr. Rodrigo Martin
From Clinica Biblica, Calle 3 & 5, Ave. 14 
175 m. East, front ENBO Building, 2nd floor 
Cell: 8382-1083
Office: 2233-7676 

Dra. Tania Soria Office: 2208-1302
CIMA San Jose Hospital Cell: 8384-6319
3rd floor, Office #2 

Dr. Abel Viquez Office: 2231-6502 
2nd floor from new building on Plaza Mayor or 2296-0903 

Dr. Carlos Murillo  Office: 2232-4136
Clinica de Loreto Fax: 2232-4155

Dr. Rodolfo Nunez 
CIMA San Jose Hospital, 1st tower Office: 2208-1409 
4th floor of Medical Tower, Office #9 Beeper: 2208-1429

Dr. Benjamin Hidalgo  Office: 2208-8206
CIMA San Jose Hospital, 2nd tower
2nd floor, office #206

Ear, Nose, Throat

Dr. Moises Majchel Office: 2221-1120 
Clínica Burstin 5th floor/ Calle 1, Ave. 14 Office: 2222-0574
Fax: 2233-9844
Beeper: 2233-3333
CIMA San Jose Hospital Office Office: 2208-8413

Dr. Samuel Flikier Office: 2201-7201 Ext. 2
MEDIPLAZA Escazu Fax: 2201-7091
Cell: 8845-9696
Beeper: 2283-2626

Dr. Max Guth Office: 2208-1708
CIMA San Jose Hospital, 2nd tower Beeper: 2225-2500
5th Floor, Office #503 Fax: 2208-8505 


Dr. Orlando Gei Office: 2221-6954
South side La Soledad Church, House #930 Home: 2225-6502
Fax: 2221-6954

Dr. Mario Pochner  Office: 2257-0019
Clínica Mayor 125 mts. east From the Biblica’s Fax: 2290-8133
South parking lot Cell: 8921-4658

Dra. Mary Vinocour Office: 2256-5898
Clinica San Bosco, 50 south from Junta Proteccion Social Cellular: 8380-4097

Dra Sonia Cerdas  Office: 2208-1414
CIMA San Jose Hospital
4th Floor, Office #14

Endocrinology Pediatric

Dr. Erick Richmond Office: 2208-8609
CIMA San Jose Hospital, 2nd tower Fax: 2208-8609
6th floor, office #609 Beeper: 2225-2500


Dr. il-reinaldo Con Wong Office: 2201-7201

Gastroenterology and G.I. Endoscopy

Dr. Franciso Hevia 
CIMA San Jose Hospital Office: 2208-1418
4th Floor, Office #18 Fax: 2208-1438
Beeper: 2225-2500 

Dr. Henry Davidovich 
Centro Medico MD, 50mts West from La Junta de Office: 2233-3801
Proteccion Social, Centro Medico. Beeper: 2283-2626
CIMA San Jose Hospital, 1st tower Office: 2208-1415
4th floor, office #15

Dr. Leo De Mezerville 
Clínica Medicina Interna, Calle 32 & 34 , Av.1. Office: 2223-9395
Beeper: 2225-2500


Dr. Christian Lachner (Gerentology and psychiatry) Office: 2208-1311
CIMA San Jose Hospital Beeper: 2225-2500

Dr. Carlos Luis Alpizar Office: 2208-1201
CIMA San Jose Hospital, 1st tower 
2nd Floor, Office #1 

Infectious Diseases

Dra Gisela Herrera 
From the emergency room entrance of Calderon Guardia Office: 2223-6923
25 meters east, 25 meters north, CEMECO Bldg. Beeper: 2225-2500 
CIMA San Jose Hospital Office: 2208-1410
4th Floor, Office #10 Fax: 2208-1430 

Infectologist, Pediatric

Dr. Adriano Arguedas Office: 2257-6686
Clínica Santa Fe, in front of the ER Children’s Hospital or 2248-2146

Internal Medicine

Dr. Daniel E. Rodriguez Cell: 8381-1559
Hospital Dr. Calderon Guardia

Dr. Hugo Villegas 
Hospital CIMA San Jose, 1st tower Office: 2208-1408
4th Floor, Office #8 Beeper:2225-2500 

Dr. Max Gutreiman Office: 2208-1404
Hospital CIMA San Jose Beeper: 2225-2500
4Th floor, Office #4

Dr. Mauricio Artinano Office: 2222-1010
Clínica Americana, 3rd fl., Ave. 14, Calle Central & 1st Beeper: 2225-2500

Dr. Bernard Hasbum  Office: 2201-7201
MediPlaza, Escazu Ext.: 126

Dr. Verny Huertas (Nephrologist) Office: 2223-2603
Paseo Estudiantes Office

Dr. Danilo Gonzalez  Office: 2208-1604
Hospital CIMA San Jose, 1st tower Cell: 8384-3703
6th Floor, Office #4 Fax: 2208-1654


Dr. Franz Chaves  Office: 2522-1000
Clinica Biblica, Calle 1, Ave. 14 Cellular: 8384-0637
Beeper: 2225-2500

Dr. Mauricio Sittenfeld  Office: 2208-1312
Hospital CIMA San Jose Beeper: 2283-2626
3rd floor, Office #12 Cellular: 8382-6852

Dr. Denis Chinchilla Weinstock 
Hospital CIMA San Jose Office: 2208-1312
3rd floor, Office #12 Beeper: 2283-2626

Neurology, Pediatric

Dr. Fernando Sell  Office: 2208-1608
Hospital CIMA San Jose
6th Floor, Office #8
San Jose Office Office: 2223-3820


Dr. Leonel Guido 
Clinica Orlich, 3rd floor, across from Hospital San Juan de Dios Office: 2222-1434
Beeper: 2233-333

Obstetrics And Gynecology

Dr. Daniel  Nisman Office: 2208-1210
Hosp. CIMA 2nd floor, office #10 Beeper: 2225-2500
Cell: 8381-6823

Dr. Alberto Johanning
CIMA Hospital Office: 2208-1601
6th Floor, Office #1 or 2222-6085

Dr. Rodrigo Urcuyo Beeper: 2225-2500
Board Certified by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology
CIMA Hospital – 6th Floor, Office #1 Office: 2208-1601
Clínica Sta. Rita Office: 2221-3936

Dr. Andreas Rauff  Office: 2208-1209
Hospital CIMA San Jose Cellular: 8821-1362
2nd floor, office #9 Beeper: 2225-2500
Fax: 2208-1269
Dr. Ronald Salazar  Office: 2522-1000
Clinica Biblica

Dr. Luis Diego Pacheco  Office: 2208-1208
(High risk pregnancies)
Hospital CIMA San Jose


Dr. Francisco Fuster (GYN Oncology) 
Edificio El Crisol, Calles 7 y 9, Ave. 8 Office: 2221-9223 or 2223-5990 
Apartment 2B, Paseo de los Estudiantes. Home: 2234-0501
Beeper: 2225-2500
Fax: 2222-4674

Dr. Joao Baptista (Oncology) Office: 2208-1718
Hospital CIMA San Jose Cell: 8384-8483
7th Floor, Office #18

Dr. Federico Rojas (GYN Oncology)
Hospital CIMA San Jose Office: 2208-1313
3rd floor, Office #13 and #14


Dr. Edgar De La Cruz 
Clínica Aguilar Bonilla, 2nd floor No 7, Calle 7, Av. 8-10 Office: 2221-7707
or 2223-0992

Dr Manrique Ortiz 
Hospital CIMA San Jose, 3rd tower Office: 2208-8114
1st floor, Office #120 
Office at San Pedro Office: 2283-1731

Dr. Joaquin Martinez 
San Rafael de Escazú, Trejos Montealegre, Office: 2282-8815 
Centro Gala 1st floor Beeper: 2233-3333
Fax: 2289-7418
Dra Iris Chin 
Hospital CIMA San Jose Office: 2208-1707
7th floor, office # 7 

Dra. Mariana Vargas (Children) Office: 2233-3632
Northwest side of Hospital de Niños
El Dorado Building


Dr. Jaime Ulloa 
Hospital CIMA San Jose, 2nd tower Office: 2208-8112
1st floor, office #109
East Office: 2253-9980

Dr. Federico Orlich 
Hospital CIMA San Jose Office: 2208-1405 
4th floor, office #5 Beeper: 2283-2626
San Pedro Office San Pedro: 2283-3481
Clinica Orlich Office: 2222-0711

Dr. Alfonso Pereira  Office: 2208-1308
CIMA San Jose Hospital Beeper: 2225-2500
3rd Floor, Office #8 

Dr. Fabicio Picado Chaves Beeper: 2225-2500
CIMA Hospital, 2nd Medical Tower, first floor, #109 Office: 2208-8112 
Clinica Americana Office: 2221-4529
Cell: 8397-2677

Dr. Willy Bolanos Office: 2257-2112
Centro Medico Metropolitano
Av. 4, Calles 22 y 24
CIMA San Jose Hospital, 2nd tower, 1st floor Office: 2208-8108
(Pediatric Orthopedist)

Dr. Patricio Alvarez Office: 2208-1307
CIMA San Jose Hospital
(Pediatric Orthopedist) 

Dr. Oscar Oeding Office: 2233-2085
Hospital Clinica Biblica
Omega Building, 6th floor


Dr. Roberto Herrera 
CIMA Hospital Office: 2208-1610
6th floor, office #10 Beeper: 2283-2626

Dr. Ramon Rivera  Office: 2208-1612
CIMA San Jose Hospital Office Beeper: 2283-2626
6th Floor, Office #12 Cell: 8870-0805
Fax: 2208-1632

Dr. Eric Richmond  Office: 2208-8609
CIMA Hospital

Dr. Luis Pinto  Office: 2291-6684
Plaza Mayor (Movies Bldg) Beeper: 2225-2500
2nd floor, No. 19 Fax: 2291-6684

Plastic Surgery

Dr. Manuel Chacon Quiros  Office: 2290-2526
Clínica de Cirugía Plástica Drs. Chacón Cell: 8384-4956
Diagonal to Iglesia Perpetuo Socorro
Calle Morenos, Sabana Sur

Dr. Ernesto Marten (facial surgery) Office:2224-4738
Clínica Marten, Los Yoses, from Spoon 5 blocks to the or 2225-3275 
South and 11/2 block to the west (right two-story building) Fax: 2253-7983 Home: 2224-4741 

Dr. Ronald A. Pino  Office: 2220-1193
350 mts. West of US Embassy Fax: 2290-2014
Home: 2231-7313

Dr. Miguel Alfaro 
CIMA Hospital, 7th Floor, Office #9 Office: 2208-1709
Clínica Burstin, Calle 1, Ave. 14 Office: 2222-1424
Beeper: 2224-2400 

Dr. Oscar Suarez (Excellent with Children) Office: 2208-1710
CIMA Hospital Beeper: 2224-9090
7th floor, Office #10


Dr. Jorge Flickier 
Clínica Burstin Office: 2222-3171 
Hospital CIMA San Jose Office: 2208-1703
7th Floor, Office #3 Cima: 208-1703 Fax: 2208-1704

Dr. Eduardo Flores  Office: 2233-4165
50 mts. North from Hospital Clinica Biblica
(Emergency entrance)


Dr. Luis Diego Herrera (Children)
CIMA Hospital Office: 2208-1309
3rd Floor, Office #10 Beeper: 2225-2500
Cellular: 8381-4563 
Dr. Steven Kogel Office: 2224-6176

Dr. Lillia Solorzano Office: 2208-1702
Hospital CIMA San Jose
7th Floor, Office #2 

Dr. Francisco Jimenez  Office: 2224-6176

Dr. Jose Acuna  Office: 2253-4302 or 2225-7149
San Pedro or Curridabat 2224-1982

Dr. Carlos Lizano Office: 2208-1202
Hospital CIMA San Jose Cell: 8369-4798
2nd Floor, Office #2

Dra Lena Monge Office: 2208-1205
CIMA San Jose Hospital


Dr. John Brown  Office: 2224-6176

Dra. Sandra Quiros
Kop Clinic, Escazu Office: 2228-4119

Dr. Norbert Raven Office: 2208-1502 CIMA Hospital
Cell: 8383-0660
5th Floor, Office #2

Dra Jaya Tischler  Office: 2208-1506
CIMA Hospital
5th Floor, Office #6

Pulmonary Medicine(Children)

Dra. Nereida Arjona  Office: 2208-1518
Hospital CIMA San Jose Beeper: 2283-2626
5th floor, office #18 Fax: 2208-1538 

Dr. Arturo Solis Moya Office: 2255-1838 
Restaurant La Bastilla, Paseo Colón Fax: 2223-9316
200 south, 75 west Beeper: 2224-2400 

Pulmonary Medicine(Adults)

Dr. Ronald Chacon  Office: 2208-1717
Hospital CIMA San Jose Beeper: 2224-2400
7th Floor, Office # 17 Fax: 2208-1737

Dr. Roberto Vargas  Office: 2222-1010
Clínica Americana, 5th floor

Dr. Carlos J. Alfaro 
Centro Médico San José Office: 2256-0734
Av.1, Calles 24-26 Fax: 2267-7018 
Beeper: 2283-2626

Dr. Mario Ingianna 
Centro Medico Internacional Office: 2257-2890
125 mts. West the Clinica Biblica

Dra. Irina Guido  Office: 2208-1518
CIMA Hospital Cell: 8815-0074
5th Floor, Office #18


Dr. Duncan Manley Office: 2522-1000
Clinica Biblica Office Fax: 2223-7676

Surgery, General

Dr. Guillermo Suarez  Office: 2208-1515
Hospital CIMA San Jose
5th Floor, Office #15 

Dr. Clive Montalbert
Clinica Aguilar Bonilla, Calle 7, Ave. 8-10 Office: 2257-0079
Beeper: 2225-2500
Cellular: 8383-8939

Dr. Herman Fainzilber 
Hospital CIMA San Jose Office: 2208-1703
7th floor, Office #3 Beeper: 2225-2500
Cellular: 8383-8444

Surgery, Pediatric

Dr. Orlando Urroz
Hospital CIMA San Jose 2208-1611 or
6th floor, Office #11 Office: 2221-8382

Dr. Roberto Herrera  Office: 2208-1610
Hospital CIMA San Jose
6th floor, Office #10 

Surgery, Thoracic

Mauricio Vargas Cell: 8382-3025

Dr. Juan Pucci Office: 2222-4378
Torre Médica, Paseo Colón. Beeper: 2221-4545
Home: 2239-8875


Dr. Arieh Grunhaus Office: 2208-1716
Hospital CIMA Beeper: 2224-9090
7th Floor, Office #16 Fax: 2208-1736

General Dentists

Dr. Maricarmen Gutierrez
Consultorio Dental De la Colina 400 mts. South from the Office: 2228-0141
Escazú Santana Intersection. Home: 2289-4485 
Fax: 2289-6984

Dr. Eduardo Castro Office: 2290-2121
100 mts. South from McDonald’s La Sabana Office: 2228-9002
Cell: 8399-2002 

Dr. Vinicio Prada 
Plaza Country, 2nd floor Office: 2289-4040
Escazú or 2289-3636
Cell: 8381-4968

Dr. Ana Lorena Castro 
West Clinic, Escazu Office: 2228-7444
San Pedro Office Office: 2224-6734

Dr. Luisy Lechtman Office: 2228-7444
West Clinic, Escazu
Barrio La California Office Office: 2224-6734


Dra. Maria Lorena Leon 
Hospital CIMA Office Office: 2208-1712
San Rafael de Escazu, from Hotel Sangildar Office: 2228-0433
50 mts. West & 25 mts. North. Beeper: 2283-2626
Fax: 2289-9557

Dr. Roberto Cob Office: 2228-7444
West Clinic, Escazu

Oral Surgery 

Dr. Oscar Reiche Office: 2228-7444
West Clinic, Escazu Office: 2283-2710 

Orofacial Pain (TMJ Disorders, Orofacial, Chronic Head & Neck Pain)

Dr. Fernando Baldioceda 
Clínica Dental Dra. Silvia Oreamuno, from El Chicote Office: 2296-5669 
Restaurant, 100 mts. North, 25 mts. East,100 mts. North Home: 2232-7013
Fax: 2296-1012

Dr. Mariela PadillaOffice: 2228-7444
West Clinic, Escazu


Dr. Alvaro De La Cruz Office: 2220-3212
Dr. Andres De La Cruz Fax: 2220-3098
Dr. Ronald De La Cruz 
Blvd. Rohrmoser -1/2 block East of the “Nunciatura” 

Dr. Carlos Castro Office: 2228-7444
West Clinic, Escazu

Pediatric Dentistry

Dr. Simon Mermelstein 

Clínica Dental, 800 mts. West from Pops La Sabana, Office: 2296-3546 
Beeper: 2283-2626

Dr. Antonio Quiros Office: 2228-7444
West Clinic, Escazu

Dr. Karen Korenstein  Office: 2220-2847
Rohrmoser, De la Esquina NE de la Nunciatura 100 al Norte

Periodontal Disease

Dra. Silvia Oreamuno
Clínica Dental Dra. Silvia Oreamuno, from El Chicote Office: 2296-5669 
Restaurant, 100 mts. North, 25 mts. East,100 mts. North Fax: 2296-1012

Dra. Annette M. Marme
100 mts. South from McDonald’s La Sabana Office: 2253-0110
CIMA Hospital, 7th Floor, Office #12, #13, #14 2208-1712 Fax: 2253-0474

Dr. Clodomiro Mora
100 mts. South from McDonald’s La Sabana Office: 2290-2525 
Fax: 2290-2706

Dr. Rossie Brender Office: 2228-7444
West Clinic, Escazu

Prosthodontics And Esthetic Dentistry

Dr. Javier Quiros Office: 2228-7444
West Clinic, Escazu

Miscellaneous Services

Alcoholics Anonymous

Childbirth Classes

Nancy Sabean, International Certified Childbirth Educator and Breast Feeding Consultant. Tel: 2228-0941
Jenny Rodríguez, Childbirth Educator Tel: 2231-1365
From the USAID Building South East corner 3 blocks East 500 mts. South 

Medical Equipment And Supplies

Montes de Oca: Tel: 2222-4225
Calle 2, No 1243, Calle del Pacífico

Disprodorme Tel: 2221-9163
(Francisco Castillo) Home: 2231-4058 
Rental of chairs and equipment Cell: 8385-0848

Physical Therapist

Linda Sydney Office: 2296-4840
300 mts. West of the Pops , La Sabana Cell: 8380-4147
Next to Cable Color (In dentist’s office) Home: 2228-6087


Dr. Fedérico Patiño Tel: 2231-5276
Veterinaria de Rohrmoser, from the Sabana Park Beeper: 2256-7890
300 mts. West. 

Dr. Bitter Tel: 2288-1198
Ezcazu, 800 meters west of Burger King Beeper: 2225-2500

Dr. Adrián Molina 
Clínica Veterinaria Tel: 2228-1909
150 mts. East, 25 South from Supermarket Sarretto Beeper: 2225-2500

Dr. Oldemar Echandi 
Clínica Echandi: - 13th St., 6th Ave., No 1310. Telephone: 223-3111

Clinical Laboratories

Escazu – near MacDonalds, on the main road to Tel: 2289-6886
San Rafael de Escazú Fax: 2228-6384 
Hours: 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM Monday-Friday
7:00 AM - 12:00 Noon Saturdays

Rohrmoser – 100 mts. east of CEMACO Tel: 2231-1450 Hours: 7:00 – 11:30 AM & 1:00 to 5:00 PM 
Monday to Friday Only

Virgen De Loreto
300 mts. west of American Embassy Tel: 2232-5246
Hours: 7:00 – 7:00 Monday to Friday
8:00 – 12: 00 PM Saturday

Hospital Laboratories Open 24 Hours 

Clinica Biblica Tel: 2522-1000
Calle Central, Av. 14 

CIMA Hospital Tel: 2208-1253

Escazu Tel. 2228-7474


CIMA San Jose Hospital
Open 24 hours, daily Tel: 2208-1110 or 2208-1262

La California
Barrio La California, from the Magaly Movie Theater 50 m South and 50 m. east
Telephone: 2233-0350 or 2233-3931 

Clinica Biblica 
Calle Central and 1, 14th Ave. Tel: 2257-5252
Radiologist: Dr. Hernan Chavarria 
Open 24 hours, daily 

Centro Radiologico San Bosco
Paseo Colón, 150 mts. south of the Tel: 2221-0025
Mercedes Benz agency, Calle 24, Ave. 2-4
Radiologist: Dr. Francisco Mirambell 
Dr. Julio Cesar Jaén
Hours: 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. Monday- Friday

Centro Medico Santa Monica
Paseo Colón,100 mts. West & 25 mts South of Tel: 2257-5321
Hospital de Niños.
Radiologist: Dr. Antonio Carrillo A. 
Hours: 9:00 - 12:00 & 2:00 - 7:00 PM Monday-Friday 
Specialty: Mammograms and Ultrasounds


Hospital CIMA San Jose
Tel: 2208-1080 or
Open 24 hours 2208-1281
(They give a 10% discount with Embassy ID)

Farmacia SUCRE - Pavas Shopping Center

Tel: 2291-5548
Hours: 8:00 - 8:00 PM Monday-Saturday
9:00 -5:00 PM Sunday
(They give a 16% discount for medicines with Embassy ID)

Farmacia Clínica Bíblica

Calle 1, Av. 14 Tel: 2522-1000
Hours: 24 hours daily

Farmacia La Favorita
Tel.: 2231-6342

Farmacias Fischel

Tel: 2220-2233
Hours: 8:30 AM - 8:30 PM Monday - Saturday or 2220-4343 
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM Sunday

Farmacia Fischel (Escazu)

Tel: 2289-7212
Guachipelin-Escazu across from Paco or 2289-7202 
Hours: 7 a.m. – 12:00 a.m. 

Farmacia Fischel (Centro Comercial Los Laureles)

Tel: 2289-4444
Hours: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. or 2288-1212
Monday - Sunday

Farmacia Fishel (Plaza Rohmoser)
Tel: 2231-4140
Hours: 9:00 a.m – 10:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Saturday - Sunday 

Farmacia Fishel (Multiplaza)

Tel: 2228-4845
Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Monday - Sunday 

Farmacia Los Anonos

Los Anonos Shopping Center Tel: 2289-6559
Hours: 8:00 - 8:00 PM Monday - Saturday 

Farmacia La Florida

Tel: 2228-0156
Escazu, Mas x Menos Shopping Center
Hours: 8:00 - 12:30 & 1:30 - 8:00 PM Monday - Friday
8:00 - 7:00 PM Saturday

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