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The Political and Economic Section serves as a liaison between the U.S. and Costa Rican governments, often working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on issues under consideration at the United Nations, the Organization of American States, and in other fora.

The Section reports to U.S. government agencies about political and economic developments in Costa Rica as well as Costa Rica’s foreign policy. Staff members analyze macroeconomic trends and trade policies and their potential impact on U.S. interests, and they inform U.S. businesses about the local investment climate. The Section follows issues relating to human rights, trafficking in persons, labor rights, and refugees.

The Political and Economic Section directs U.S. government expertise, training, and material assistance to important governmental and non-governmental programs in Costa Rica. It provides training and equipment to help the government of Costa Rica increase the capacity of its law enforcement agencies to deal with rising crime levels and confront drug trafficking in the region. The Section also serves as the liaison for U.S. Department of Treasury experts who advise the government of Costa Rica on debt management, infrastructure financing, and money laundering. It collaborates with non-governmental organizations that receive U.S. government funding for work on issues ranging from the enhancement of Ministry of Labor inspection capacity, to the provision of micro-credit loans to female refugee entrepreneurs, to stemming the tide of human trafficking in the sex industry.

Issues in Focus

  1. The Central American-Dominican Republic Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA-DR) 
  2. U.S. Economy
  3. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  4. Doha Round
  5. Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTA)
  6. Summit of Americas (SOA)
  7. Narcotics and Security
  8. US Assistance to Costa Rica

U.S. Economy

  1. White House Announcement of the Summit on Financial Markets and the Global Economy (October 22, 2008)
  2. Under Secretary David H. McCormick Remarks at Wharton’s Eleventh Annual Investment Management Conference (October 3, 2008) (pdf-74KB)
  3. President Bush Discusses the Economy (October 17, 2008)
  4. Overview of Rescue Package (October 8, 2008) (pdf-84KB)
  5. Overview of Rescue Package (Spanish)(October 8, 2008) (pdf-53KB)

Sectorial Links

  1. Trade, Commerce, & Finance
  2. Telecommunications, Transportation, & Tourism
  3. Energy & Environment
  4. Agriculture & Labor
  5. Development & Planning
  6. Social Services
  7. Costa Rica’s Current Business Climate 
  8. International Economic Organizations
  9. U.S. Commercial Service
  10. Environment, Science, Technology, & Health
  11. Recent speakers on tax reform

Doha Round

Trade, Commerce, & Finance

Telecommunications, Transportation, & Tourism

Energy & Environment

Agriculture, Fisheries & Labor

Development & Planning

Social Services

Costa Rica's Current Business Climate

Other U.S. Government Links

Other Useful Costa Rican Government Links

International Economic Organizations