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New Embassy “Cool” Roof Will Save Energy and U.S. Tax Dollars

San Jose, June 11, 2012
a white roof

This is part of the new cool roof

The flag flying proudly outside the U.S. Embassy in Pavas may be red, white and blue.  Inside, the building is getting greener every day.

A recently-completed project to repair the roof of the chancery incorporated a new coating that will keep the building cool, and save a lot of energy – by up to 13 percent.

“The roof project is an exciting step forward in our efforts to conserve energy and save money for taxpayers,” said Ambassador Anne Andrew.

Workers had to fix the roof of the Chancery and other smaller buildings on the property due to age and leaks.  The repair project included the installation of a light-colored elastomeric coating, which is designed to reflect the rays of the sun.  By keeping the temperature of the roof lower, the Embassy expects to save anywhere from 7 to 13 percent on its air conditioning bills.

In recent years, the Embassy has consolidated printers, installed virtual computer servers, and taken other steps that have literally saved thousands of kilowatts and thousands of dollars in energy costs.  Last year, a recycling program began for cooking oil from the cafeteria. A Costa Rican Company is turning it into bio-diesel.

According to Ambassador Andrew, “Supporting sustainable development and green technologies is a major focus of our Embassy, and by taking these steps, we hope to lead by example.  It doesn’t take much to make a difference.  Recycle.  Install energy efficient appliances and light fixtures, look into incorporating a “cool” roof on your home. Together, we can take steps that are good for the environment and good for our bottom line.”